Why You Should Sell Your Home Even With Economic Uncertainty

Posted on: 21 April 2020

Spring is one of the most common times of the year to list a home. However, if you are concerned about shutdowns in your area and government mandates to shelter-in-place, you might wonder if you are able to sell your home at this time. However, because mortgage rates are still very competitive, it can still be a good idea to move forward with selling your home.

You May Find It Even Harder to Sell in the Future

You might be concerned with listing your home due to the state of the economy, but it is difficult to predict what the economy will look like in the coming months. You may actually find it easier to sell your home now than you will six months from now. Even if you do sell your home in the coming months, you might not receive the asking price that you wanted.

You Don't Need an Open House

One of the challenges you might face is vacating your home during an open house. You may find that you have nowhere to go because:

  • Businesses are shut down
  • Libraries are shut down
  • You may not want to visit friends or family members out of fear of spreading disease

Instead, consider scheduling showings that will only be for a limited period so you will not have to wait in your car for hours.

If you have an open house, one of the challenges you may face is that you will need to regulate how many guests will enter your home. However, there is no easy way to do this and you may find yourself guilty of violating rules against large gatherings.

You Can Handle Many Aspects of Home Selling Remotely

As an alternative to meeting in person, you could have real estate agents create a video tour. With the use of high-quality video, you will create the impression that you are an individual who pays close attention to details. There are also many listing websites that allow you to upload a video.

Several aspects of selling your home can be done remotely. For example, when in contact with a potential buyer, you can communicate through phone and send images or other important information through fax or digitally. For example, if a potential buyer has a question regarding an aspect of your home that is not shown clearly in the listing, you can answer this question and provide further evidence. To learn more or get help with selling your home, contact a real estate agent.