What to Do When Your House Does Not Sell

Posted on: 5 May 2020

You prepared your home, put it on the market, waited a few weeks — and it still has not sold. You could sit there twiddling your thumbs and continuing to wait for a buyer to walk through the door, or you could get up and take action. If you want to get a move-on and sell the house sooner rather than later, then here are some steps you can take.

1. Lower the price.

Lowering the price is not just about making the house more affordable. It's also about ensuring it comes up in a new category of searches, which will expose you to more buyers. For instance, if your home is currently listed at $151,000, then anyone who searches for homes under $150,000 won't see it. Lower your price to just below a big price cut-off, such as to $149,999, and you will capture more attention among buyers who use online searches.

2. Host another open house.

If your real estate agent has not yet organized an open house, ask them to do so soon. If they did host an open house, ask if they could do a second one. Open houses bring a lot of people into the house at once, and if potential buyers seem to think others are interested, they're more likely to jump ahead and put in an offer. Other real estate agents may also attend the open house and then pass on information about the house to their clients.

3. Improve the curb appeal.

Your house could be absolutely immaculate on the inside, but if potential buyers are pulling up and being unimpressed by the exterior, they might not even be considering your home. Take some steps to boost the curb appeal. Have the landscaping redone, add some flowers, paint the front door — your agent can help you decide which improvements are the best for your home, specifically.

4. Depersonalize the space.

Sometimes the reason why homes don't sell is that they're too personalized. Your house may be beautiful and immaculate, but maybe potential buyers just can't see themselves living there. Remove family photos from the walls, put away trophies, and get rid of any decor that really speaks to a specific taste. The resulting space won't lack character, but will instead leave room for imagination.

If you follow the tips above, your home should sell a lot sooner. If you want to sell real estate, talk to an agent for more advice.