3 Neat Features To Add To Your New Home

Posted on: 7 May 2020

Working with a home builder to create a home that is uniquely yours is a fun, exciting experience. In addition to selecting the appropriate number of rooms and carefully thinking about the finishes, you can add fun elements into your home to create a unique, beautiful, and functional space. Here are three features you should consider adding to your new home. 

1. Central Vacuum Systems If you love having a clean space that is easy to tidy up, you will want a central vacuum system. Central vacuum systems are designed with all kinds of great features, such as ports that run up and down the stairs, units designed to be activated by a broom, and even systems that sit in the garage and operate silently. This vacuum can help you clean quicker and can help keep you from dragging a large vacuum around the house and up the stairs. 

If you want to add a central vacuum system, think about where you would need to vacuum and what you would need to do to create a functional space. Consider the size, shape, and orientation of the rooms inside your house, and place central vacuum systems carefully to make sure that vacuuming your home would be simple for your family. Also, don't forget to put in a cleaning closet somewhere in your house where you could stash the hand tools. 

2. Gaming Rooms Instead of simply setting up a gaming system somewhere in your house, create an area that is incredibly functional for your kids, such as a gaming room. Gaming rooms are typically designed with a strong wireless internet signal, no windows, and plenty of big-screen televisions to give everyone a place to do their magic. Gaming rooms can also be made with soft, padded walls for using virtual reality goggles, helping people to prevent injury as they move through the game of their choice. 

3. An Upgraded Laundry Room When you are stuck in a single room washing and folding laundry, you won't want to be staring at a bland wall or sitting inside a room without any windows. Consider upgrading your laundry room to include plenty of windows, a comfortable chair, and a large folding surface. If you really want to make the space luxurious and functional, consider adding more than one washer and dryer, so you can get through all the dirty laundry quickly. 

While it can be a little scary to think about just how much you and your team have to accomplish in order to finish your home, creating a gorgeous space starts with great ideas. Don't shy away from making a home that speaks to who you are and what you love. By taking the time to make your house better than ever, you can enjoy a gorgeous space you can enjoy for many years. 

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