5 Tips For Mobile Home Buying

Posted on: 11 May 2020

If you want to own a home, you may be leaning towards purchasing a mobile home. This can be a more affordable way to purchase a home and say goodbye to rental life. There are a variety of mobile home options available. Buying a mobile home is a bit different than buying a traditional home, but it can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips for buying a mobile home:

Consider Whether You want to Buy in a Park or Place a Mobile Home on Land

before you get deep into your search, you want to make sure that you decide where you want to live. If you're fine with living in a trailer park, then you can look for mobile homes that are already set up in a park. If you prefer to choose exactly where you want to live and don't want to live in a trailer park, you'll need to also find land to place your new home on. If this is your plan, a real estate agent can help you do both.

You'll Likely Pay Additional Fees if Buying in a Park

If you're thinking of buying a mobile home in a park, you'll likely pay additional monthly fees. These fees go to things like general park maintenance and garbage removal. You should look into these costs ahead of time.

Consider a Home with Upgrades

Some mobile homes have features that are considered upgrades. These can help to protect your home and also make your daily life more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Don't Forget to Negotiate

Just like with a normal home purchase, you should negotiate. You may not need to pay the asking price just because it's listed at a set price. Your agent can help you negotiate so that you're able to get a better deal for your new mobile home.

Understand Your Financing Options

When you go to finance a mobile home, it's a different process than that of a traditional home. For example, many banks consider a mobile home to be personal property, so they may want to have you take out a personal loan. You can talk with a real estate agent to better understand your options 

A mobile home can provide a comfortable place to live and many people find it to be a better option than renting an apartment. Take your time looking at options and work with a real estate agent so that you end up buying mobile homes that you love.