Negotiation Tools To Use When Buying A House

Posted on: 12 May 2020

One of the best ways to negotiate when buying a house is not with the listing price. If you can provide an offer that has an offer amount that is relatively close to the listing price, you might have a higher chance of the seller accepting your offer. So, if you should not negotiate on the price as much, what should you negotiate with on the deal? Here are some ideas that your real estate agent might discuss with you.

Closing Costs

If you can keep the offer amount close to the asking price, you might be able to save money in other areas. One area is the closing costs. You will encounter closing costs when buying a house, and you cannot avoid this expense. You can ask the seller to pay for some of these fees, though. If the seller agrees, you save money on the deal. For example, if you ask for $3,000 in closing costs and the seller agrees, it is like you are getting the house for $3,000 less than the price you offered.


Most homes include the appliances, but you can negotiate on this, too. If you are not happy with the appliances the home has, you can ask the seller to update them before moving out. If the seller agrees, you could have brand-new appliances in the house instead of the older ones the home currently has.

Home Warranty

Asking for a home warranty is another tool you can use in your negotiations. Most sellers will agree to provide a one-year warranty if a buyer asks for it, so ask. If the seller agrees to this, you will have a warranty that protects the appliances and systems in the home for the next year. If you experience a problem with a covered system, you will pay just a small fee to have a repair technician fix it.

Projects, Work, or Updates

You can also ask the seller to perform work in the house as part of the deal. For example, if you see a problem in the home that requires repairs, you can ask the seller to fix it as part of the agreement. If the seller agrees, you will save money by not having to pay for it yourself.

You may want to use some of these tools in your negotiations with the seller of the house you want to buy. For more information and tips on negotiating, talk to a local real estate agent.