Are You Looking For A Good Deal On A Place To Live?

Posted on: 18 May 2020

Are you considering a move into your own place? You might be looking for a place to live that won't be too expensive. Maybe, you are just starting a new job and your pay isn't great yet. Or, maybe you are newlyweds and you are using a big portion of your money for your college expenses. 

No matter the reason that you are looking for a good deal on a place to live, do you already have a plan? If you don't, keep reading for some suggestions that might help you.

Decide On The Type Of Residence You Want 

Besides the cost of your rent, consider things like proximity to your place of business, to your college campus, and whether or not you need to be on a bus route.

You might luck out and find that somebody is renting their basement that has been turned into a pretty spacious living space. Besides having two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchenette, the basement apartment might have a family room, too. The basement apartment will probably even have its own furniture.

Another idea is to look for a studio apartment. That might be your least expensive choice. It might have things like a Murphy bed, a super small bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and very simple furnishings as part of the deal. 

Will you, a roommate, or your spouse be working from home? If so, having a second bedroom will be very helpful. The second bedroom will also be great if a quiet study place is needed. The fact that you can have extended family members or friends stay at your house will be a bonus.

Do you have any pets? If so, make sure that pets are allowed at the place you rent. If you have a tiny Chihuahua, for instance, there might not be an issue. On the other hand, if you have something like a big German Shepherd, you might need to pay a pet deposit.

There are other things to consider as you look for a place to live. For instance, do you want a swimming pool on the property? Will there be an outdoor patio where you can entertain people? Maybe you'll find several choices and you like all of them. The deciding factor might be choosing a rental that has wood floors instead of carpet. That might be especially helpful if you will have a pet living with you. 

For more information and ideas, reach out to a real estate agent that can help you find a studio apartment for rent.