Buying A Ranch? Get Some Insight Before You Shop

Posted on: 21 May 2020

From rolling pasture land to incredible opportunity for development, ranch properties for sale have a lot to offer property investors. If you are looking into buying a ranch of your own, the shopping process is just part of the excitement of the whole ordeal. Working with an agent that is familiar with these unique properties is always important, and there are a few things you should know in advance that will help you along the way.

Where is the best place to find ranches for sale in the United States?

You can find ranch properties for sale in a lot of places across the country, even though it is a common misconception that ranches are mostly found in certain states, such as Texas and Wyoming. However, You can actually find ranches for sale in a lot of states, including coastal states like Oregon and California or midwestern states like Missouri or Ohio. It is true that the wide-open spaces in some states make ranches a little more common, but you can find these properties sprinkled in just about every state. 

How can you make money on a ranch if you don't necessarily plan to raise livestock?

A lot of different types of people buy ranches; not all of the buyers are going to be ranchers or have any interest in using the land to raise livestock. You can turn a profit with ranch land in a lot of different ways, such as: 

  • Leasing the land to other area ranchers who need more grazing land
  • Using the property to attract hunters for outdoor excursions
  • Breaking the ranch up into smaller tracts, developing it, and reselling it

Is it logical to buy a ranch that has few access points?

Having good access points on a ranch is typically really important. Some of these properties can be massive, which means if you have only one or two access points, you can only enter the property from one point. This means you would be left driving the span of the entire property just to get to an opposite side, which is not that logical. The majority of large ranches will have multiple access points and property easements that you share with adjacent landowners. These are really important to look for as you examine different prospect sites. If you are going for a smaller ranch, these access points aren't necessarily as important but can still be valuable.