How Does A Luxury Real Estate Agent Market A Property?

Posted on: 22 May 2020

You might be in the market for buying a luxury home. You might also be selling your property to move to a different city or simply to move to a home better suited to your needs. When looking for a real estate agent that sells luxury properties, you might wonder how exactly they will market your home for sale. There are different techniques, but a few work better than others.

Create A Profile Of Potential Buyers

When a luxury real estate agent decides to sell a luxury property, they will take a look at the home first to get a good feel of who might be interested in it. They might ask you what drew you to the property and then begin to create a profile on the type of potential buyer who would be interested in it. Luxury homes will not interest the greater buying market, so the agent needs to narrow their focus to only those who will be interested and have the means to buy it.

In order to get this profile, the agent will look not just at the house as a whole but also to the surrounding land, where it's located, what type of schools and amenities are nearby, and what attractions, shopping, and restaurants are also located nearby. This all goes into the profile of potential buyers who would most likely be interested in the home. The agent can then decide where exactly to market the home to get the best results.

Creating The Right Marketing Material

Unlike standard homes, the luxury market requires a different approach to marketing. While your home will most likely be listed on your typical real estate sites such as the MLS system, a savvy luxury real estate agent will also market it elsewhere. For example, they should have a good social media presence to market their homes on. The better an online presence, the more likely they are to attract buyers. 

They will set up websites specifically for your home and give the links to other luxury real estate agents who they have worked with and who have the connections to find high-end buyers. This marketing material should include information not only about the home itself, but the surrounding properties, neighborhood, job prospects, and should include the builder's name and brand-name fixtures and appliances.

Market The Home At The Right Time Of The Year

A luxury real estate agent understands that high-end properties need to be showcased at certain times of the year for the best effect. For example, if the home is located in an all-seasons city, then selling the home in the season that has the best attractions such as ski hills or beaches can determine when the best time to market the home will be.

It's a good idea to be able to market the home for those times when the weather isn't so good and the attractions are closed too. This is when a luxury real estate agent will show off the advantages of having an indoor pool or gym.

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