Real Estate Services To Provide Your Clients During The Purchase Process

Posted on: 3 June 2020

One of your main responsibilities as a professional real estate agent is to look after your client's interests during the buying process. And during this process of assisting them, there will be different situations in which you can provide them advice, recommendations, and professional expertise in handling the process. Here are some services you can provide for your home buyers as they search for and buy their next home, which can greatly improve their experience and their success at the home purchase process.

Provide Market Analysis

As your buyers search for the right home, one of the important details they will want to know is the other sales activity in the market. This type of information will let them know how much homes are selling for, which equates to how much a home's true value is. 

When you show your client a property that is for sale, it is listed at a specific price, which may or may not be based on true market data. Sometimes a home's listing price is based on how much the seller wants to get or needs to get out of it and how much they value the home. So, complete a market analysis for your buyer on the recent home sales for an accurate property valuation to help your buyer come to an offer price.

Give Area Insight and Details

Your home buyer will also want to know details about the area in which a property is located. They will want to know about the local school districts and their ratings, the area crime statistics, and, more specifically, the crime statistics of the local neighborhood and street that the home is located on.

You can collect and compile data from online sources and provide them to your client. You can also provide them with information about the area businesses and shopping and also local churches or community organizations, especially if they are new to the area.

Regular Contact Updates

Keep in contact with your buyer on a regular basis, especially once you have found a property and submitted an offer to purchase. Your buyer will want to know any issues that come up and also updates on a home inspection and appraisal as they are completed. When you get back to your buyer regularly and return their calls if you miss them, they will feel like they are more in the loop during the process and have a better experience overall.