Rules You Can Expect When Moving Into A Student Apartment

Posted on: 10 June 2020

Student apartments are a nice alternative to rooms in a dorm. These apartments give you more privacy, a more complete living space, and a place to live off-campus. Nevertheless, student apartment rentals can come along with certain rules. 

Expect there to be rules about overnight guests. 

Of course, there will be times when you may want a friend or relative to stay overnight with you at your apartment. However, there may be stipulations in the lease about how long an overnight guest can stay at the apartment. For example, there may be rules that state that overnight guests are only allowed for two consecutive nights a week and only two times per month. 

Expect there to be rules about the types of pets you can have. 

Even though pets are more often permitted in student apartments than they are in on-campus student housing, there can still be rules about what types of pets you can have. For example, you may be able to have a small dog, or you may only be allowed to have a cat. Larger pets, pets that make a lot of noise, or pets that are more exotic can pose more of a nuisance to surrounding students and may not be allowed. 

Expect there to be rules about your student status. 

In some student apartment complexes, you will be required to be enrolled as a student at a nearby college or university. The point of this is to make sure the people who live within the complex are students, which can sometimes generate a safer, more reliable environment.

Expect there to be rules about how many vehicles you can have in the parking area. 

At most apartment complexes, there will be rules about how many vehicles you can have in the parking area. Most of the units at student apartments are designed to accommodate only the student, which means there may be parking available for only one vehicle, or there may be only two slots available for the tenant and a visitor. 

Expect there to be rules about who can use the on-site amenities. 

One of the attractive things about student apartments is the fact that they can have on-site amenities that serve students well. There may be a computer cafe, a small library, or even a fitness area for tenants to use. However, it is typical for the amenities to be reserved for only those who are actually tenants in the building.