Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Posted on: 9 July 2020

A lot of people dream about buying their first home, moving in, and starting a family. While this is a milestone moment, selling your first home can be just as meaningful. This might be a situation where your income level has been increased and you get to move out of your old home and into a better one. Perhaps you're selling your first investment property. Regardless, you'll need a home selling real estate agent that can help you make it happen. Keep reading to learn more about working with these real estate agents and selling your home effectively. 

Make certain that every detail is uncovered and your home is ready for the market

You need to run some preliminary searches on your property to be certain that it's ready for sale. This means getting the property appraised so you understand how much you might fetch in the current market. Getting a single-family home appraised will probably cost you about $300 and will get you ready for the rest of the process. 

You will also want to get the house inspected so that you're not overlooking roadblocks to the sale. Things like foundation cracks and serious pest issues can put a freeze on any home you're trying to list. Termite problems account for between about $1 billion and $2 billion in damages each year. If you have termite issues in your home it'll cost you a couple thousand dollars to get rid of this issue. 

Get your marketing in order to publicize the house and bring in prospective sellers

According to national averages, homes will sit on the market for between 65 days and 93 days before being sold. You can get a speedy sale when you market the home favorably. Using house staging stis one of the best ways to make this happen. 

Your home will sell 70 percent faster when you set up a staging for it. This is a a way to make your home more attractive for buyers. By getting rid of clutter, depersonalizing the house, and improving flow, you present the house at its best potential. Buyers are able to picture themselves in the home and are more likely to put in higher bids. 

Work with a home selling real estate agent

Bringing in a real estate agent will help you out when you're ready to sell a home. Be sure that they have a track record of quick sales and getting sellers the price range they're shooting for. A real estate agent will usually accept a 6 percent fee from the seller once the transaction is finalized. 

Use these tips and start searching for real estate agents that can help you with your home sale. 

For more information on getting your home ready to sell, contact a home selling Realtor in your area.