6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Condo

Posted on: 5 August 2020

Buying a condo instead of a single-family house is the right decision for many people. Condos are often the better investment for many reasons. 

1. Exterior Maintenance

Owning a single-family home comes with many responsibilities, particularly exterior maintenance. Snow removal, mowing the grass, raking leaves, and cleaning the gutters are all someone else's job when you live in a condo. Plus, you do not need to worry about the roof or the siding when you choose a condo over a single-family home. 

2. Lower Point of Entry

For those on a tight budget, condos are a lower point of entry to the housing market than larger, single-family homes. This gives first-time home buyers and others the ability afford to buy in the neighborhood they want. 

3. Security

Condos often have a secure entrance or security guards that make sure the complex is protected. This allows residents to have the security of a gated community without the extra cost. 

4. Appreciation

Condos appreciate in value just like single-family homes do. Purchasing a condo is a great investment for many first-time home buyers. When they are ready to move up to a larger home, they can use the equity they have built up in the condo to put down on their next house.  

5. Convenience

Condos are often located in popular areas. As builders look to develop properties, they can fit more units onto a parcel when they build condos than when they build single-family homes. In fact, many cities set aside land for low-, medium-, and high-density residential use. Condos are high-density use. All of this adds up to condo complexes located in great locations throughout the city of your choice. 

6. Community

When you own a larger home, particularly one with more property, you do not always get to know your neighbors. People often pull in their garages never to be seen again. In a condo, however, you can develop a stronger sense of community. You see and talk to your neighbors when you are outside on your back patio, getting the mail, or walking the dog. The close proximity of the units helps facilitate the sense of community. 

Buying a condo is a great investment, especially for first-time home buyers. Not only will it appreciate in value over time, but you can maximize your spending dollars and enjoyment now. Look for condos for sale in an area you like.