Buying A Home? 3 Tips To Avoid Excessive Noise

Posted on: 24 August 2020

While living in rentals through the years, you may have learned enough that you know what to prioritize as well as what to avoid to achieve an ideal living situation. For instance, you may find that excessive noise from people, vehicles, or businesses is something that you like to avoid.

When you begin shopping for a home with the intention to buy, you should figure out all the ways that you can avoid experiencing excessive noise in your future house.

Sound Blockage

If you are interested in areas that can become somewhat noisy, you will find it beneficial to prioritize features and qualities that provide sound blockage. A great example is buying a place with exceptional insulation from the doors, windows, and inside the walls. This will minimize how much outside noise you hear, whether it is people, equipment, vehicles, or even rainfall.

Some other ways that you can enjoy reliable sound blockage is through solid fencing and privacy hedges. When you are determined to do everything that you can to maximize sound blockage, you should not hesitate to demand these kinds of features when shopping for a house to buy.


Buying a home with close neighbors in every direction can make it tough to avoid excessive noise, especially if your neighbors have children who love to play outside. This makes it worth prioritizing properties in which the closest neighbors are still several hundred feet away from your house.

When you buy this kind of home, you may not have to rely on sound blocking features because the distance alone may provide you with quiet and peaceful living. While you could try to learn about your potential neighbors before making an offer on a place to determine whether they will be noisy, you may not want to rely on this process since new families can move in at any time.


Looking at the roads around the houses that you like is worth doing because you will find some that are extra busy and others do not receive much vehicular traffic at all. Spending time near the homes that you want to make an offer on will give you valuable knowledge.

Being in the area during commute hours and during the weekend can help you determine how much road traffic there is and whether the noise is too much for your wants and needs.

When you are willing to go through these steps before buying a single-family home, you can look forward to getting one that is quiet enough to satisfy your demands.