Tips For Locating Real Estate Properties For Sale When Inventories Are Low

Posted on: 18 September 2020

Homebuyers in many areas of the nation are currently being faced with a major challenge — a lack of available residential real estate properties for sale. While real estate market inventories often shrink during the latter months of each year, the combination of a worldwide pandemic plus years of lower than average home mortgage interest rates has resulted in an even scarcer supply of available homes from which buyers can choose at this time. 

Buyers who are losing hope of finding a home they like and can afford in today's difficult real estate market should consider using some of these tips to enhance typical search results, as well as exploring a few additional options to discover properties that may work for their needs. 

Hire a real estate agent before looking

Motivated buyers are probably already using one or more apps to help them discover newly listed homes within minutes of their being posted to the market. While this makes sense, apps cannot take the place of a dedicated real estate professional who fully understands what their buyer clients are searching to find.  In addition, agents are better able to network with prospective homesellers and other agents to get more timely information. Developing a working relationship with an agent will also ensure that buyers have received good counsel to ensure that they are fully prepared to make high-value offers that will be more appealing to sellers and have a better chance of being accepted. 

Explore expired and withdrawn homes

Homes that have previously been listed for sale and were then withdrawn or expired without selling may still be available. Complications may have arisen in the seller's life that forced them to postpone selling at that time. Buyers who are struggling to find suitable listings in a tight inventory situation should consider asking their real estate agent to make contact with homeowners whose listings were withdrawn or went unsold in the last few months to see if they are interested in allowing a prospective buyer to view their home. 

Contact friends and family members

Buyers who are struggling to find a great home to purchase should also make sure that their friends, family members, and co-workers know of their plight. The average family will move many times throughout their lives, and most will sell their home with each move. When considering the purchase of a home in this situation, both buyers and sellers should have professional real estate representation to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. 

Contact an agent to begin looking at real estate properties for sale.