What To Know To Make Your Military Relocation Move Easier

Posted on: 1 December 2020

One of the best things about being in the military is that you get to travel around the country and see new places. It can be a fantastic adventure for both you and your family. It can also be a stressful time as you have to pack up your home and move every few years or so. You can use a military relocation service to help you find a home and to help plan your move to make the process easier if you like.

Here are some things to know that can help make your military relocation move easier.

Start Planning As Soon As You Get Your Orders

When you get your orders for your military relocation, you should start planning right away. It can take a while to get everything organized and to find a house in your new location, so the sooner you start to plan the better. You should get a good idea of when you will be moving once you find out where you will be going. This will give you an approximate timeline to get everything done.

Make lists of what you need to pack and take with you, and what you plan to give away or leave behind. Schedule your move as soon as possible as dates can fill up fast and you don't want to have to scramble closer to the date of the move. It's a good idea to learn about your new base and at least a little about the community around it. This can help you get settled in faster, and you will have an idea of what to expect there.

Whether you plan to live on base or find your own home, you should begin your search now.

Have Essential Items Packed And Take Them With You

When you are packing your things for your military relocation, make sure to pack all the essential documents you will need and any other items you should have on hand when you get to your new home. This can include your orders, driver's license, social security cards, and other ID for you and your family. Make sure you have your marriage license and birth certificates for you and your family, too.

Also, other important things to remember to have with you when you move are essential items you will need in case your furniture or clothing doesn't arrive on time to your new home. In some cases, you may get there before your belongings do.

You should bring some clothes with you so you have a couple of changes of clothing. You should also bring any medications, your phones and chargers, your valuables, and some kitchen essentials like plates and utensils.

If possible, bring sleeping bags or an air mattress so you have somewhere to sleep while you wait for your furniture. This is especially true if you are moving overseas. It can take a while for your furniture to show up once you have arrived at your new home. For additional information, contact a military relocation service.