How to Save Money When Renting a Beach House

Posted on: 15 December 2020

When you book a beach house, you want to save money and spend as little on your vacation rental property as possible. Where you book your beach house and the way you book your beach property can all affect how much money you spend. Here are tips to help you spend wisely when renting a beach house.

Look for a no booking fee beach house

A booking fee is an added fee placed on top of the rental rate or purchase price of something you're reserving. A booking fee is often applied to things like concert tickets, rental properties, and other items or activities that require a hold on them. A booking fee can be put in place on a beach house and can be as high as the issuer wants to make it, so look for a no booking fee beach house to help you save potentially lots of money before your vacation even starts.

Look for refundable deposits when booking

When you look at no booking fee beach house rentals on the market, also look for rentals that have refundable deposits. Deposits are often required by the owner or rental manager of the beach house to cover cleaning costs and to help the company make money in the event the renter is a no-show, and are sometimes refundable full or in part. In order to get a no booking fee beach house with a low or refundable deposit to save money on your investment, you need to shop wisely; speak to the rental managers or beach house owners you're considering renting from and learn more about their deposit terms and try to negotiate your deposit if you can.

Look for bookings during the week

If you look at a no booking fee beach house online, you might see that the rates for weekend bookings are higher than days available during the week. This is because most people prefer to book their vacation rentals for weekends or over holidays. If you have the flexibility to do so, book your no booking fee beach house during the slower parts of the week so you can take advantage of the cheaper nightly rates.

Renting a beach house doesn't have to be an expensive investment. With the wise planning strategies to save money on your adventure, you can enjoy traveling without worrying about your budget. Your travel agent or realtor can help you find no booking fee beach house rentals that will work well for your budget and destination goals.