Want A Mindful Home? 5 Qualities To Seek When House Shopping

Posted on: 14 January 2021

Many of today's homeowners live in a chaotic and fast-paced world. Some increasingly want their home to be a haven of mindfulness. Mindfulness, or the desire to be connected, often starts with the home itself. As you shop for a luxurious new abode, how can you better include mindfulness as a feature? Here are a few things to look for.

1. Natural Materials

Nature has a naturally soothing effect for most people. Do the materials in a potential home bring nature to you? Opt for natural woods and stone rather than artificial materials. Natural lighting should be more prominent than artificial lighting. In addition, organic materials in fabrics can help soften your world with plant-based textiles. 

2. Simplicity

Life can be complicated, but your home shouldn't be. A mindful luxury home flows naturally with a logical progression of public to private spaces. Its rooms will feel uncluttered and clean. Likewise, you won't be oppressed by the need to fill every bit of space but rather let the home speak for itself.

3. Greenery

How is greenery incorporated into the home? One key way to increase live plants and nature is to facilitate movement between indoor and outdoor spaces. Public rooms might flow into and incorporate outdoor entertainment areas with window walls, large double doors, and retracting roofs. You can also bring plants inside by choosing a house with good natural lighting. Likewise, look for plenty of property for beautiful landscaping. 

4. Feeling Unplugged

Because mindfulness is about being in the "here and now," disconnecting from electronics is key. But you don't have to leave all electronic. Connectedness in modern luxury homes should simply be less intrusive. A home theater might not prominently feature high-tech gadgets, but may still have them. If there is a smart system, it might automatically make adjustments without your constant input. In addition, a home office should be unobtrusive and quaint. 

5. Openness

Open floor plans work well with most of the features of a mindful luxury home. They can help you integrate the natural world outside and your home's interior by removing barriers.

As you shop for your next home, give attention to how much each candidate adds to your ability to be "in the present" when at home. By using greenery, integrating nature, and keeping things simple, you'll find that your home will indeed be the breath of fresh air you need in your luxury home. Learn more about luxury single-family homes by contacting a real estate agent.