Buying A Home? Prioritize An Unfinished Basement Over A Finished One

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Shopping for a house is a demanding process because you want to look at many details before making a purchase. An excellent starting point is to figure out all your family's must-haves and desired features in a home. Depending on where you plan to buy and live, you may find that basements are almost guaranteed to be in every single-family home.

When you know that you are getting a basement with your purchase, you will find it beneficial to prioritize unfinished basements over finished ones for several reasons.

Property Price

A finished basement will be reflected in the asking price for the home. The buyers will expect to recoup some of the costs that came with finishing the basement in the first place. This can take away from your ability to get other features and qualities your family is interested in.

For instance, you may be able to afford a larger home or one with an additional bedroom by picking one that has an unfinished basement.


While you may find some finished basements that your family can use, you will also find some with undesired features. You may not want to get an extra bedroom in the basement when you will have more than enough bedrooms in the house to satisfy your family's needs. This is a situation where you might not use the basement much because of how it is finished.

At the same time, an unfinished basement allows you to implement features that you want and need. So, even if a home listing lacks your must-have rooms or features, you can add them in the basement after buying the place and moving in.


Buying a home with a finished basement means that you need to pay for everything inside the space upon purchase. However, getting an unfinished one means you can save up and pay for finishing it over months and years. Another thing that you can do is work on the basement yourself to minimize finishing expenses because you do not have to pay for labor as much.


Even though you may not get a lot of varied uses from an unfinished basement, you will gain valuable storage space as soon as you get the keys. You can store your durable items that are not susceptible to damage from extreme temperature and humidity changes.

Buy a home without a finished basement to enjoy these benefits. Contact a real estate agent for help with finding homes for sale in your area.