Top Reasons Why You Should Get A Commercial Real Estate Agent

Posted on: 10 May 2023

Commercial real estate agents differ from residential agents in one major way, they are focused on finding you a commercial property that is best suited to your business and not on the emotional aspect of finding the right piece of property. While there are residential real estate agents who have worked in the commercial sector, it's always best to go with a dedicated commercial agent.

Why should you work with a commercial real estate agent? How can they help you find the right property? Here are just a few reasons to work with a commercial agent to help you find what you need.

They Can Find You Off-Market Deals

A commercial real estate agent has access to listings that you can find online or through the MLS listing. These are also listings that aren't listed where the majority of commercial properties are. They are known as off-market or pocket listings. 

Some of the best deals in commercial real estate are off-market or pocket listings. These are properties that are for sale but aren't listed on traditional listing sites like MLS or through other sales websites. These are typically only found by your commercial real estate agent calling potential businesses and asking them if they are going to sell their building in the near future.

They are also found through their contacts in the industry including other commercial real estate agents, business leaders, and even real estate conventions. These are some of the best deals because you don't have the competition of other buyers bidding against you.

They Can Get The Market Data For Your Industry In A Given Area

You might be moving your business into a city or state where you haven't done business before and have no real idea of the market there. It might be oversaturated with similar companies to yours, meaning that you will have stiff competition to gain customers. It could also be your business is one of the only companies in your industry to be in that city and that could help drive interest in you.

Your commercial real estate agent knows how to get the market data for your industry in any given area you plan to move to. It's best to hire a local agent who is well versed in the local market as they will have expert knowledge and access to all the data you will need to help ensure success for your company in that city.

They also know what properties are available in your chosen area and how their location could benefit your company as opposed to a different one.